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Final Cut

FINAL CUT has invested in the best equipment available for waterjet cutting giving our customers the best possible cut edge quality and end product. We selected WARDJET equipment for the CNC motion system, JetEdge intensifier pumps and Accustream cutting heads.

Waterjet cuts through material without affecting the inherent material structure. Because Waterjet cutting is a cold process, there is no “Heat Affected Zone” (HAZ). There will be little, if any effect on the material and no distortion or warping. This HAZ can be a major factor with Laser Cutting and even more so with Plasma Cutting.

When a part is cut using waterjet technology, secondary machining is normally not required. We operate our machine at 55,000 PSI to cut materials ranging from .010 inch thickness to 8.0 inches. Waterjet also helps achieve the best yield of material as the cutting area kerf (width of the waterjet stream) is .040" which allows uncut parts to be nested more closely together to achieve optimal material usage. The cutting area on our WARDJET ZX 2543 is 8 ft × 13 ft.

Common materials we cut include: aluminum, titanium, steel (including heat treated or hardened), plastics, rubber, UHMW, foam, brass, copper, stone and ceramics. Chances are if your material is not listed we can still cut it.

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Our satisfied Customers
  • “The parts we received from FINAL CUT were spot on. It is not every day that things run so smoothly with new vendors.”

    - Carl S.

  • "Thanks for taking the time to bring me up to speed on what is required to get a good part using your waterjet machine! Now I have a better understanding of the entire cut process. When I find more things to cut I will be back. Keep up the great work!"

    – Oliver L.

  • The parts we received from FINAL CUT were spot on. It is not everyday that things run so smoothly with new vendors

    – Carl S.

  • FINAL CUT has consistently produced quality cuts for me at reasonable prices. He has cut HDPE, plywood, and various grades of steel for me. Every job was done professionally, quickly, and at a fantastic price.

    – John P.

  • "We needed a way to cut various parts after heat treating. Waterjet cutting was the only solution for the job and FINAL CUT was able to do it without a problem. We will continue to use FINAL CUT as they turned around our parts quickly and well within budget.

    - Mark N

  • Wow that sure was cool to see your facility and my 1/2" metal was no match for your machine. See you in another week.

    – Dave D

  • I am glad I found FINAL CUT for our waterjet needs. Parts are perfect and done quickly. No need to search any further.

    - Mary B

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